• Petty

    Type: Petty

    Weight: 108 g

    Blade length: 105 mm

    Blade thickness: 2 mm

    Overall length: 255 mm

    Steel: Triple layer high carbon Blue paper core. 63 HRC 

    Handle: Brass, Reindeer antler & Birch.


    These knives can be used for most tasks in a kitchen, from peeling, to chopping. We use ours for cheese and all small everyday tasks when the full sized chefs knives are not necessary.

    • Avoid cutting edge contact with other metals.

    • Don't cut frozen food or bones as the cutting edge might chip.

    • To preserve sharpness of the edge. always cut on wood or plastic sturface.

    • NO dishwasher.

    • Rinse and wipe off moisture directly after use.

    • Store in a dry environment, either in a knife block, sheath or protective cloth.

    • The blade is not rustproof.

    2 499,00 krPrice