In a solution driven society, we tend to search for new solutions to challenges, finding ways to make incremental changes in our daily lives to battle the changes we want to see. Could it be, that

some of the solutions to our current challenges can be inspired by the wisdom, ingenuity and sustainable principles that our ancestors lived by?


I am from Sápmi, which is the land of the indigenous Sámi people, covering the northern hemisphere of Europe.


Our culture is centred on the reindeer herds and a nomadic lifestyle following the reindeer over vast expanses of land, mountains and valleys. The reindeer is the bearer of life, and in our culture we have found use for almost every single part of it. Gállak is the name of the area, through which the reindeers from my Sami village migrate.


Although we Sámi are the indigenous people of the northern hemisphere, our culture is slowly and continuously being challenged from multiple directions – from the exploitation of land, to the destruction from mines and dams. We are currently facing a strong generational shift, where globalisation, urbanisation and new opportunities for us all have presented themselves, leading to a challenged sense of belonging to Sámi culture, especially for individuals who are not directly bound to the traditional practices, such as reindeer herding and crafting.